Southeast Mid-Atlantic (SEMA) CC Representative

My name is Ann Allen Geoghegan (better known as "AnnieG") and I am a candidate for election to the post of Southeast Mid-Atlantic (SEMA) CC Representative to the Advisory Board. 


I am 66 years old, married to the love of my life for 50 wonderful years. We have 3 children, 43 to 33, and 9 grandchildren, 25 to 1 and five beautiful great-grandchildren. I am disabled (nerve deafness) and this computer and genealogy saved my sanity when I became unable to work because of my deafness. I love building web sites, researching old records, and helping folks find their roots. One of my great joys is helping someone break down a brick wall.  The greatest genealogical find I have experienced was helping a man find the grandparents he had never met! His parents divorced when he was a child and his mother became estranged from her in-laws. I not only located his grandparents but they let him know his father had passed away but he left the man a half-brother living only 200 miles from his home!


I am Assistant State Coordinator in Mississippi and the State Coordinator of Alabama. I am a County Coordinator for 4 Counties in Mississippi and several others around the South. I also have a Special Project for the State of Mississippi called Slave Narratives which is the transcribed interviews of people born into slavery in Mississippi.

USGenWeb at its conception was a simple straightforward project dedicated to providing online research material. How amazing that this could happen, a group of people from all walks of life coming together in this way. I am still in awe of its concept. The hard working County Coordinator is often ignored and I believe this needs correcting. I hope you will consider becoming more involved in all levels of the Project.

These are things I will strive for if elected:

  • I believe that the County Coordinators need to be better informed, and included more fully in decisions.

  • I believe that all members of the project should have the same rights.

  • I believe that the Special Projects are a vital resource for USGenWeb and can be better utilized by our county sites. Linking to the archives should definitely be encouraged, there are literally thousands of documents and images there!

  • I believe that the USGenWeb Project truly can be one of the best sources of free genealogy available!

If you choose to elect me I promise:

  • I will answer your email promptly.

  • I will always listen to your questions and desires and keep you informed.

  • I will spend as much time as possible coming to know which issues are important to you then do my best to help achieve them.

  • I will be as open and honest as you deserve.

  • I will do all I can for the betterment of the USGenWeb

Thank you for visiting this page and for considering me for election as your Southeast Mid-Atlantic Region CC Representative. I hope this page will express to you my sincere desire to improve and move the USGenWeb Project into the future.

Ann Allen Geoghegan a.k.a "AnnieG"

Questions?  Write me at and I will be happy to answer!